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What can one small village do?

The Tweed Declaration

A signed declaration (left) will be sent to the Prime Minister and relevant ministers and may be published as a full page ad in the Tweed Valley Weekly.

If you would like to sign and support the Tweed Declaration please send us an Email that includes:

As a company or organisation:

  • Name of your company/organisation

  • Your full name and position

As an individual:

  • Your full name and town



No matter where we come from or how we got here, everyone needs a safe place to call home.

Who we are

Since 2013, UKI Refugee Project has partnered with people seeking asylum in Australia and with the Australian community to promote understanding, compassion and friendship for refugees.

What we do

regular friendship visits - with refugees and asylum seekers coming to stay in the Tweed Valley.

Making successful representations to local Council to declare the Tweed a ‘”Refugee Welcome Zone”’; consistently lobbying politicians for policy change; participating in the nationwide campaign “Seven Years Too Long”.

wider community awareness and involvement through fundraising events such as film screenings, concerts, performances, etc.

with the Romero Centre in Brisbane to provide practical assistance to asylum seekers, particularly those with no income or accommodation.

by consulting refugees and those who know refugees well.

to settle refugees into our community when families and individuals decide to make the Tweed their home.

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